Nordic walking S’Miles (NORDIC WALKING VICENZA) was founded in 2008.

Julia Frankland is the President

Enrico Rosin is the Vice President

Our instructors are:

Vicenza group: Enrico, Ivana e Laura

Lonigo Group: Paolo

Bassano, Marostica and Mussolente group: Julie, Anna, Gian Luigi, Letica and Loreta

All our instructors come from different Nordic Walking schools: SCUOLA ITALIANA, NORDIC WALKING UK and ONW


Facebook: Nordic walking S’Miles/Nordic Walk 'N' Talk

Instagram: Nordic walking S’Miles/Nordic Walk 'N' Talk

Each group organizes midweek classes, and every Sunday we organize walks for all groups together.

In Bassano there are also walks in English and Spanish

Our Mission

Nordic Walking S’Miles is a sports association where we do "teach" the correct Nordic Walking technique and all its health benefits, but we do not consider ourselves a school. We like to think of ourselves as a community. We like to pay close attention to the social benefits of Nordic walking in a group. Together with the correct use of poles, nordic walking becomes a fantastic workout for both mind and body. It is important that our walkers feel comfortable when walking with us.

The fact that our instructors come from different Nordic walking schools makes our group open to new ideas. Together we can offer a different approach to Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking is not a business for us, it is a way to help people feel good both physically and mentally and it is a way for us to benefit from it too. According to studies by Marko Kantaneva, 70% of the world's population does not do any physical activity. Our mission as instructors is to get these people moving.

We are an international group. We have several contacts with other groups abroad. We organize Nordic walking trips in England and often have groups from abroad who come to visit us. These international exchanges are a great asset for us and a wonderful opportunity for our walkers to learn about other realities. We hope to have more and more contact with other groups.

However, Italy remains the most beautiful country in the world! We at Nordic Walking S’Miles like to promote our territory.